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The torah keepers.

The torah keepers are followers of Yeshua(Jesus) who believe it is important to observe, analyze Torah, not to be saved but out of love for Yahweh. Their bodies are His temple and HIS.

They are formed and educated to protect, diseminate and share the love and lessons from Jesus, as the Messiah he is. Also that we should protect and show the texts, lessons, adventures and happenings of our faith

Torah keepers is basically a ministry is an educational institution dedicated to encouraging its believers to live a Torah observant life


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Our Hebraic roots.

As history evolves and time goes by, religion also changes in some way to people and there are new movements appearing. This is the case of hebraic roots movement. It involves the concept that Jesus is Jewish and so were his disciples and relatives, as well as his teachings and basis.

Hebraic roots makes a call to our real beliefs and at the same time asks us to wonder if we are truly believing or just folowing a group of people and what they like. We must be thinking in our relatives and education, or otherwise they will be confused.

Through the hebraic calendar, we can, have a better idea of the important celebrations and dates, where we conmemorate and strengthten our believes, with our loves ones.

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Michael rood tv information.

Michael ministries have a huge compilation of valuable, updated and interesting information about our faith and explanations that will help comprehend in a better way our true religion and its variations throughout the world.

Michael rood ministries emphasize its enthusiasm in bringing new members to his lectures, with simple, easy and friendly interpretation and lenguage, not like other individuals who try to impress his/her followers with strange and awkward terminologies that do not help on anything.

Michael rood tv is another clear way of learning in a very interesting and entertaining way, in which all the family can learn quickly and get interested more.

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Having a peek at “michael rood” web page.

The michael rood en espanol is the spanish version of the great page where anybody can get a benefit of these teachings and lessons about messianic movement. Full of vivid and clear videos, pictures, information.

It is important to have 2 main languages, so more people can get a benefit of sharing their experiences, learn from others and adquire excellent products that will enforce their attraction to the faith.

Michael Rood has an specialty on this. His clear view of the things, clear explanations and his enthusiasm transmitted to the audience. It clearly makes more followers come onboard. Michael rood en español will be enjoyed by many spanish speaking people around the globe.

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The Hebraic Roots.

Hebraic roots stem from a movement based off of the protestant agrupation. It suggests and advises its members to return to the first century faith, and also to use the hebrew form of names on the texts. It is basically to return to the norms, rules, and ethic’s laws that were present during these times.

It is strongly suggesting that our faith, it’s practices, believes and worships be converted to its hebrew roots. It is basically the outgoing relation between 2 beings in respect to their inside feelings.

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Ideas About Messianic Christians

Some messanic christian aggrupations are composed of Baptist and Charismatic people who try to involve jews into this messianic movement and convert them into messianic Christians.This is a normal comment from ultra orthodox believers and conservative groups who practice the Judaism.

Within the same congregations there are divisions.  According to the Hebrews, the messianic jews or messianic christians, are less than “jewish” and Hebrews doing their worship on churches. Sometimes they are not even allowed to enter the synagogues, so they have to worship n their own or on major celebrations.

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