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Messianic Churches Today.

Messianic churches normally have their service on Fridays, during afternoon or night schedule. They have a strong faith towards Jesus Christ (Yahshua in hebrew). And express all his glory, and ready texts about his life and happenings throughout his life.

The messianic church enforces its interest on researching, discussing and analyzing the early hebrew origins of the Christianity.


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Ideas About Messianic Christians

Some messanic christian aggrupations are composed of Baptist and Charismatic people who try to involve jews into this messianic movement and convert them into messianic Christians.This is a normal comment from ultra orthodox believers and conservative groups who practice the Judaism.

Within the same congregations there are divisions.  According to the Hebrews, the messianic jews or messianic christians, are less than “jewish” and Hebrews doing their worship on churches. Sometimes they are not even allowed to enter the synagogues, so they have to worship n their own or on major celebrations.

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Messianic Jews and Christians in Our Days.

As history is unearthed from the remaining ruins of ancient cities and civilizations, new history is created as new religious groups come up to the surface. This is the example of a set of individuals calling their belief  “messianic Judaism” or “messianic jews“. It is a phrase that is getting broader importance and being mentioned more frequently during this times. It is a new movement, but it incorporates a lot of practices from both the Christian and Jewish religions.

Most members on these groups, called messianic Judaism, are showing more orientation to Judaism in its celebrations, practices compared to jews that have converted to christianity, due to that they follow the social and religious order as the Jewish followers do. Their structure includes rabbies, they are ruled by the jewish calendar and its numerology, festive days, and share the worship and behavior.

Jewish authorities say that someone calling himself a messianic jew is the same as belonging to a christian sect, where as some inside the same messianic jew religion, argue that they belong to a Jewish sect.

Visit us at our blog at Michael Rood Ministries to learn and read more about these and other topics along with sharing your ideas, experiences and life stories.

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Michael Rood is on Facebook

Michael’s television series: “Prepare for A Rood Awakening! from Israel” has been heralded as the most energetic exegesis of Scriptural truth to come out of Israel in over a millennium.  Click Here to go to Michael Rood’s Facebook Page.

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Newton’s Last Dilemma

Believers around the world are sensing that we are in “the last days” that were described by the Hebrew Prophets with uncanny clarity. To understand the last days prophetic picture, one must understand the shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD – shadow pictures of good things to come.

If you are a lover of truth, you won’t want to miss this profound prophecy teaching – Newton’s Last Dilemma: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks – with Michael Rood.

Understanding the Feasts, and their prophetic significance, is the direction that the Almighty is sovereignly leading his people all over the globe. Don’t be left out of this four part feast in the Word!

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Michael Rood Hanukkah 6010

Shalom Torah Fans!

Hanukkah 6010 promises to be a Messianic hoot of apocalyptic proportions as I take you into The Chronological Gospels in the Light of the Torah and then premiere the Out of Babylon world tour with my special guests, Dr. Gary Tunsky and April Renee. Join the fun, festivities, and in-depth teachings as we celebrate one of the most prophetically significant feasts on the end-time calendar. Arthur Bailey will be our Master of Ceremonies. Mark your calendar for December 3-5 and register today to make your reservations for this long awaited event.

Shabbat (sunset, December 3rd) will begin with a dinner together and then an evening of song, sharing, and detoxifying from the pagan world. The next morning, I will commence a day of teaching The Chronological Gospels in the Light of the Torah from morning until night. I have waited fifteen years to begin teaching this perspective of the Scriptures and have been working on this unique content for nearly forty years. Mrs. Noah and her team will be with us to minister to the young children, and everyone will enjoy the teachings all weekend long.

On the final day, I will premiere the Out of Babylon tour that will expose yet another deadly layer of the system that Abraham escaped – the system that is responsible for the premature deaths of millions of people each year who are trapped in its deadly, invisible snare. Once you know the truth of Babylonian Pharmakia – the truth will set you free! But until the Son has set you free – you shall indeed be enslaved without knowing that you were born into this prison.

Do not miss this most significant event. Come and share in my vision to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the far reaches of the planet. Those who register as Very Important Partners will have a special dinner and “behind the scenes” view into the ministry with Judith and myself on Friday evening.

Our entire staff is so excited to have you join us in Atlanta for Hanukkah this December 3-5. Please register by completed the form below or calling our office (1-888-766-3610). The event will be held at the Marriott Atlanta Northwest, 200 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta Georgia, 30339. Atlanta is an international hub with excellent air connections and commuter train facilities that will take you and your family within a few blocks of the convention where our ministry staff will pick you up with a smile.

When you experience the Chronological Gospels and the Out of Babylon teaching extravaganza, you will understand why the Adversary tried so desperately to shut me up and end my life and ministry. My course is not finished and I have much to say to you that cannot wait. Be there!

Pressing forward until the smoke clears…

Michael Rood

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Michael Rood

Michael Rood is the first to admit that he is a not-so-mild-mannered reporter of the miraculous acts of the Almighty.

Michael Rood fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way of Creator-given rights – rights that no religious or civil tyrant has the authority to alienate from the people. He has survived the barbarous brainwashing of Christianise cults, as well as the torturous tests of traditional Churchianity. For those attempting to navigate the minefields of man-made religion in the search for truth,  

Michael Rood offers sage advice that comes from a lifetime of experience – not from an unsoiled manual copied in cloistered convents, nor from dogmas dictated in denominational didactories.

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