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Messianic Jews and Christians in Our Days.

As history is unearthed from the remaining ruins of ancient cities and civilizations, new history is created as new religious groups come up to the surface. This is the example of a set of individuals calling their belief  “messianic Judaism” or “messianic jews“. It is a phrase that is getting broader importance and being mentioned more frequently during this times. It is a new movement, but it incorporates a lot of practices from both the Christian and Jewish religions.

Most members on these groups, called messianic Judaism, are showing more orientation to Judaism in its celebrations, practices compared to jews that have converted to christianity, due to that they follow the social and religious order as the Jewish followers do. Their structure includes rabbies, they are ruled by the jewish calendar and its numerology, festive days, and share the worship and behavior.

Jewish authorities say that someone calling himself a messianic jew is the same as belonging to a christian sect, where as some inside the same messianic jew religion, argue that they belong to a Jewish sect.

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